Iraq Salinity Platform

An assessment of the pumping insfrastructure for irrigation and drainage was made.JPG
2/8/2013 4:45 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Australian ambassador visits a wheat selection trial.JPG
2/7/2013 4:14 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Community members listen to presentations.jpg
2/7/2013 1:07 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Date palms are salt tolerant, but high salinity reduces production.jpg
2/8/2013 5:01 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Demonstration of  field drain to reduce salinity.JPG
2/7/2013 2:06 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Drainage canal in Mussaiab.jpg
2/8/2013 5:01 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Due to the shortage of water farmers are pumping drainage water for use in irrigation.jpg
2/8/2013 5:02 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Evidence of soil salinity.JPG
2/7/2013 2:27 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Farmers and media are inspecting wheat on the demonstration farm.JPG
2/7/2013 2:50 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Farmers and visitors inspect a crop selection trial.JPG
2/7/2013 4:21 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Field day in Al Mussaiab April 2012.jpg
2/7/2013 1:15 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Field day visitors inspect demonstration farm.jpg
2/7/2013 1:30 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Irrigation water control structure in the main canal of Dujailah.JPG
2/8/2013 4:53 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Main irrigation canal in Mussaiab.jpg
2/8/2013 5:05 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Missing gates reduce the ability to manage irrigation water efficiently.JPG
2/8/2013 4:54 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Participants preparing for lunch at the field day.JPG
2/7/2013 3:00 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Presentations and discussions on wheat crop under saline conditions.jpg
2/7/2013 1:41 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Restricted flow in the drains hinder salt removal.JPG
2/8/2013 4:55 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Salinity Management activities are presented at the field day.JPG
2/7/2013 3:41 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Selecting optimal crop  genotypes for saline conditions.JPG
2/7/2013 4:26 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Surface salts limit agricultural production.JPG
2/8/2013 4:57 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Tribal leaders inspect demonstration fields.jpg
2/7/2013 1:46 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Visiting the demonstration farm.JPG
2/7/2013 4:02 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Visitors to the field day in Dujailah.JPG
2/7/2013 4:11 PMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Water control structures in need of repair.JPG
2/8/2013 4:58 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Water management structures have fallen into disrepair.jpg
2/8/2013 5:05 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)
Weeds restrict the flow of water.JPG
2/8/2013 5:00 AMMelkonian, Elsy (ICARDA)